Guitar Lessons Flexible One to one Guitar Lessons

Flexible one to one guitar lessons based on your needs as a player. Whether you are a total beginner or you have been playing for just a short time. Lessons are structured to help you to learn the guitar quickly. Once you have grasped of the basics, you can then go on to learn the songs that you have always wanted to play.

Pushing the Limits of Your Guitar Playing

If you really want to get serious with the guitar you can delve into scales, modes and the art of improvisation. I even help guitar players to become teachers. Five of my students have become guitar teachers over the years that I have been teaching.

Roland GR55 Demo Here I am using A Roland GR55 guitar Synth using one of the many modualted Jazz settings. I am also using a string dampener to compensate for the sensitive Midi Pickup.

Getting You on the Right Track

All aspects of guitar teaching are catered for. Students guitars are checked on their first lesson to make sure they are set up properly. A guitar that is not set up correctly can make it difficult to learn and cause much frustration for students. If you are looking to start guitar lessons in Mansfield you have arrived at the right place. Not got a guitar yet? No Problem. I can help you choose the right guitar for your needs and of course keeping in mind your budget. Guitars and amplifiers will be found for students at right prices.

What Playing the Guitar Means to You

Lastly, everyone has their own reasons for playing the guitar and it is important that this is respected. And the most important thing is, there are no group classes. All guitar lessons are on a one to one basis. Of course this does not mean that you can't have guitar lessons with a friend or a relative.

Country Picking Demonstration In this video I am demonstrating some country picking techniques. Instead of using a pick I am using my thumb and index finger to pick the notes. If you are wanting to learn country picking then check out this video and get in touch.

How much are the Guitar Lessons?

I charge £23 an hour for guitar lessons. You can can come once a week or once every two weeks. Younger children can have a 30 minute slot at a cost of £13. You can change slots at short notice to suit work and School Commitments. Mansfield Guitar Tuition now takes card payments so no need to be running to the cash point on your way to your guitar lesson.

More Information on Guitar Lessons

If you require more information please visit the contact page. You can phone or send me an email using the contact form. Or you can visit my Facebook page and send me a message. You can find the link at the bottom of this page. Thank you for visiting the website.

Using the DADGAD Tuning DADGAD is a vey popular alternate tuning which first appeared in the early 1960s. This piece has a flamenco flavour but also uses the Byzantine scale also know as the Double Harmonic Scale. This is just one of many tuning's that I teach.

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