Triplet Guitar Licks for the Advancing Guitarist

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Triplet guitar licks. Mastering triplets is an essential part of guitar soloing. In this guitar tutorial I am going to show you a few guitar licks played in triplets using the Minor Pentatonic Scale. You hear quite a few guitarists playing triplets but only in their guitar runs. Mastering triplet guitar licks is a skill that every aspiring guitarist needs to learn.

Below is a a selection of guitar licks in the 1st position of the Minor Pentatonic Scale. These are good starting points to get you up to speed with triplets. Use a Metronome To help you play the licks right on the time.

Triplet Guitar Licks Guitar Tuition Exercise

A closer Look at Triplet Guitar Licks

A lot of the licks I teach finish with bends on 1 and a half beats or even two beats. This helps the ear to achieve better pitch. Notice also the vibrato on the finishing notes in all the licks. Adding vibrato on your bends is quite a skill and these finishing notes I have added in this lesson will help you master this much needed skill.

Lick one starts with a three note run which is repeated, followed by a four note guitar lick that finishes with a bend.

Lick Two. This one starts with part of the guitar lick from lick one and repeats it. Notice the bend on the 7th fret. The next note is also the 7th fret. I am making two notes from one fret. This is another useful guitar technique. The Lick then finishes on the 7th fret 4th string with the added vibrato.

Lick three starts with a bend and uses the two notes from one fret technique again. Next a three note group repeated closing out with a bend. Really get that vibrato going on that last note.

Lick four. No bends this time. it is a simple lick and I have added a slide. This puts some spice in to it.

In lick 5 the bends are back and I have introduced 3 rests. I covered the use of rests in a previous tutorial. Rests make your playing much more expressive. This lick is more tricky that the previous ones put a bit of practice will master it.

Lick six, a six note run ending with a rest followed by that classic guitar lick.

And finally lick seven has four bends, two of them using the two notes from one fret technique ending the same as lick six.

Where to take your playing from Here

I hope you have found this tutorial useful. Take these techniques and use them in some of you own guitar licks. You can backing tracks to help get fluency in your triplets. After a few weeks of work you should see a big improvement in your guitar soloing. Use the contact page to get in touch if you need more information or if you have any questions.