Electric and Acoustic Guitar lessons Especially for You

Teaching beginners and advanced students I specialise in most styles of electric and acoustic guitar lessons as you can see from the demo videos on the homepage. The videos show playing of a world class standard and I can teach anyone to that standard who is prepared to put the work in. Even post University students come to me for advanced guitar theory. I am very proud of my students and what they have achieved, past and present. I try to follow their music careers and I am always around for advice should they need it.

Already a player but want to advance further?

If you already play the guitar but feel that you are struggling with it then book some guitar lessons and see just how much you will improve.

I also offer advice on buying an Electric Guitar or an Acoustic Guitar. Or perhaps you already have a guitar that may need setting up. This is very important as a poorly set up guitar can make learning much harder. I can help you overcome these problems and with over 40 years of experience you can be confident of the very best advice possible.

Blackstar Id 15 Demo Here we have some basic jazz Bass Comping and jazz blues licks with some walking arpeggio playing.

Working With Altered Tunings

You can learn all about open and altered tunings in my electric and acoustic guitar lessons. Learn the theory, techniques and how to get the right string gauges on the tunings that you choose to play in.

Advice is Free

Advice is always free. Use the contact form to get in touch or give me call. My phone numbers are also on the contact page.

Care and Set up of Your Guitar

It’s hard to play the guitar if it is not set up properly. Students guitars are checked and set up for maximum playability.

Alternate Nashville TuningThis piece makes use of the Nashville tuning. Normally the octave strings from the 12 guitar in standard tuning. Here I have an alternate tuning. You can read more about it here on my main website.

No Group Classes

Mansfield Guitar Tuition does not teach group classes. All guitar lessons are 1-2-1.

If you are stuck in a rut and considering guitar lessons then contact me using the email contact form. Or you can call me on: 07540 585479 day or night. I will be happy to offer you advice on how to get your guitar playing back on the right track.