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Welcome to the guitar and amp gallery. Here are some of my favourite pictures of guitars and amps. I have a passion for electric guitars and old and new valve amps. You will find stacks of Gibson and fender guitar pictures which are two of my favourite guitar makes.

A Classic Old Valve Amp →  Fender Blues Junior Lacquered Tweed

Fender Blues Junior

This is the guitar amp that I am using for my live at the moment. It's a Fender Blues Junior. This amp is only 15 watts but incredibly loud. The cabinet has a tweed style covering which has been lacquered to give it a vintage look. It is Fitted with a Jensen 1 x 12 inch speaker though you can also get them with a Celestion speaker too. It's that classic Fender tone.

A Gorgeous Guitar →  Gibson Les Paul in Ocean Pink

This guitar is stunning and I want it so badly. It is a one off and the price tag would be a little out of my range but I can dream.

The Old Classic 80's Amp →  Quality Valve Amps

Quality Valve Amps in the Mansfield Guitar Tuition Gallery

A great picture is this one. Check out the Marshall JCM 800 in red vinyl. Now that is what I call a classic look. I want it !!!!

I Want Them All →  Stunning Gibson Les Pauls

Mansfield Guitar Tuition Gallery Check Out these Stunning Gibson Les Pauls

Check out these stunning Gibson Les Pauls. Which one would you choose? All six please.

Get Noticed With This Guitar →  Gibson Nitrous Les Paul Studio

Mansfield Guitar Tuition Gallery Gibson-Nitrous-Les-Paul-Studio

Yellow But Not Mellow →  Gibson X-Plorer Studio

Mansfield Guitar Tuition Gallery Gibson X-Plorer Studio

Here is a stunning Gibson X-Plorer Studio. Note the spelling "X-Plorer". These guitars were only made for a year or so around 2003 - 2004 and they came in five colours. They also made a model with a Swamp Ash body. The colours are all Metallic and are red, blue, green, coppertone and yellow which you can see in the picture. The dimensions of the body are 10% smaller than a normal Gibson Explorer. They are lightweight and the body is made of Basswood.

A Real Work Horse →  Gibson 70s Tribute Firebird Studio

Gibson 70s Tribute Firebird Studio

Now here is a bog standard no nonsense guitar A Gibson 70s Tribute Firebird Studio. I have one of these and I use it mainly for my teaching work. It is light ans a great tone. This guitar has a baked maple fingerboard which the purists scorn and criticize. But I can tell you It is one of the things that really makes this guitar a winner and I love maple. So I get a bright and punchy tone from the mini humbuckers and it plays like a dream. This 2011 model is now discontinued but the specs and info can still be found on the Gibson website here.

Yes Very Special →  Fender Stratocaster American Special

Fender Stratocaster American Special

A stunning guitar with a very reasonable price tag. I recently played on of these guitars and very impressed by it. The surf foam green is a love hate colour. I love it and so does one of my students. Dave Cain dreams of owning one these guitars and I might be a tiny bit jealous if he gets one, but I won't tell him.

Just a Gem →  Gibson Les Paul Studio Les Paul Gem Series

Mansfield Guitar Tuition Gallery Gibson Les Paul Studio Gem Series

Now here is a blast from the past. The Gibson Les Paul Studio Gem Series. These stunning Les Paul's were made between 1996 and 1998. They were all named after gemstones and you can see the names of each guitar written in the picture representing each colour. These guitars have the classic P-90 pickups and they are powerful despite being single coils.