Playing in 12/8 Time Jiggery Pokery

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Playing in 12/8 time. This piece called Jiggery Pokery demonstrates how you can play jigs with a great triple feel. The tempo is 120 beats per minute and I have used a kick drum to emphasise the back beat. I am still working on the instrumental but I thought it would good to drop a snippet of it to show what you can play in the time of 12/8 in a folk music genre.

More About Jigger Pokery

For this instrumental I am using the tuning, starting from the first string: D,A,G,D,G,D and I have use a capo at the second fret to transpose into the key of E Major. I am using a lot of open notes and waterfalls to create the jigs. As I said it still needs more work but it is shaping up nicely.

If you would like to know more about this style of guitar playing or would like to have some tuition on it then please get in touch using the contact page. I have spent 10 years working on this tuning, when I can get off the electric guitar which these days I do spend more time teaching and playing. I hope you enjoy the video and thank you for visiting my website.