Jazz Blues A Real Art to Master

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The Melodic Minor Scale and it's modes have long been tools for every jazz musician over the years. They create endless tension, inside outside playing and are a must master for any series Jazz or Blues Guitarist wanting a jazz blues mix in their playing.

I love adding these scales in to The Blues and some of favourite guitar players such as Robben Ford and Scott Henderson have mastered this art perfectly.

Jazz Blues a Short Video

Here is a video I knocked up in the living room. A simple Jazz Blues progression showing how Mixolydian modulation and using modes of the Melodic Minor scale can create an inside outside fusion. The track is a called a Day at the Office. And who said you can't get a good Jazz sound from a Fender Telecaster?

The guitar amp I used for this video is the Blackstar Id:15 TVP. These amps are very versatile, easy to use and great value for money.