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Welcome to the Video page. The videos here demonstrate guitars, amplifiers, effects and also show many of the guitar styles and techniques that I teach. For the best guitar lesson videos Mansfield keep checking back to this page for more updates.

Blackstar Id Core Guitar Amp Demo

This video is a demo of the Blackstar ID Core guitar amp. The amp comes in three choices: a 10 Watt, 20 Watt or a 40 Watt version. They are simply the best practice amps that money buy. Merely calling them a practice amp robs them of much of their potential. With all the onboard effects they make a great studio amp. And for Jazzers doing small gigs the 40 Watt is an ideal choice. These amps are lightweight and once set up on a computer they have all their effects at the touch of a button or a footswitch.

From a teaching aspect this small piece is played in Em using the Natural and Harmonic Minor Scales You can also hear Diminished Arpeggios running from the raised 7th. The piece is played with massive reverb and shows the quality and versatility of these fantastic guitar amps.

if you would like to learn more about this style of guitar playing you can get in touch through the contact page.