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The Fun of Mixing Music Genres

Many artists have delved into the art of mixing music genres. it is something that has become very popular in modern music today. For the really creative musician nothing musically is taboo and nothing ever should be.

Here is a track I recorded in 2003 using a Roland Guitar Synthesizer. I can't remember exactly which model it was.

Everything you can hear on this track is played on the guitar using the Guitar Synthesizer except for the drums. Even the Bass is my Fender Stratocaster. If you listen through the track you can hear various instruments being emulated. The track is a bit tongue in cheek mixing rock and dance music.

The guitar solo scale structures are interesting. Using the Dorian Mode and also the Lydian Dominant scale at the end of the track. Both scales share the b7 interval. The Dorian is a minor mode derived from the Major Scale. The Lydian Dominant is a Major mode derived from the Melodic Minor scale. Lydian Dominant is the 5th mode of the Melodic Minor Scale. The Dorian Mode fits over the Bass line when the melody line containing the #11 is removed. The Dorian Mode has a #11 added as a passing note. This is a guitar soloing technique used by many great guitar players.

If you are trying to learn these types of scale structures or you are looking to delve in to them for the first time, send me an email or give me call for advice on how I teach them.