Adie Lawson Guitarist From Mansfield

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"I started playing guitar when I was about 12. Starting having guitar lessons with Martyn Brown to help me get and edge with GCSE music when I was 13/14 and went on to join my first band; Wretch, in which we played a few covers but did write our own stuff too. Aside from playing school concerts, we did our first gig at The Masons Arms (now Widow Frost) in 1996. After school I went to college to study BTEC Popular Music, during which I got quite into recording and music production. It was here I joined a band called Redbay, which is where I really started getting into gigging…we did a lot around Nottingham! After college, continuing with music production, I did a foundation course in Music Tech at Clarendon College (now NCN) that earned me a place at Gateway School of Music in Kingston Upon Thames where I studied Music, Sound Recording & Music Business. After uni I was in various bands, most notable was probably SanZen.

After that band I decided I needed to put some freshness back into my playing, so I went back to Martyn for some much needed guidance.

At the moment I’m currently working at Music Scene in Mansfield where I am the resident guitar teacher and a salesperson on the shop floor. My current band is called The Hubris. We do all original material and have 2 EP’s available and are planning on recording our first album this year. I also perform with former Cantamus singer Marianne Wright in Belle Boheme, which is available for weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs, supermarket openings or anything else you can think of! And I record my own stuff when I’m not busy with everything else under the guise of ‘ambient fish’."